Beijing Badge Factory is an old specialized factory with a history of producing
handicrafts for dozens of years. It's one of the three biggest factories of 
producing cloisonne handicrafts in China. It owns fixed assets totaling more 
than 6.8 million yuan  and 570 people on the staff. Its turnover is 14 million 
yuan a year, and got the permission from the government to manage import and
export the export value is US$ 1 million to 2 million.
   This factory produces cloisonne ornaments and jewelry. On the basis of the 
traditional technology there are new development and creations. The modeling 
are simple, unsophisticated and tasteful. With unique national style they are 
bright in color and life like in design. They are numerous in variety, beautiful 

practical. They are vases jars, bowls, plates, washers, set ornaments ,treasured 
knives, swords tea sets, smoking sets, birds, animals, bracelets, necklaces, 
rings and so on. There are more than 2,000 kinds of specifications and designs. 
The quantity and sales volume of small ornaments rank first throughout the 
country and sell all over the would.
   Furthermore, our factory makes all kinds of prizes, souvenir badges, souvenir 
coin, aluminum handicrafts and crafted labels.
   Adhering to the objective of reputation first, quality first and warm service, 
we would like to do our utmost to beautify your life, We cordially welcome friends 
from all circles both at home and abroad to carry out long-term cooperation with us.
ADD: A6 Bei Chi Zi Street, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China.
Tel: 550631   5137035
Fax: 5137031   4014937  BACIEC CN.
Telex: 211271  BJACC CN.