Inner Mongolia No.1 Machinery Plant lies in the "Steel City in Prairie"--Baotou, 
     Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, at the bank of world--known Yellow River; To the 
     north of the plant runs the rising and  falling Daqing Mountains. The plant has a 
     history of over forty years. Two main railroads, namely, Baotou-Beijing and Baotou-
     Lanzhou, join at the downtown. Direct civil flights for Beijing, Xi'an , Wuhen and 
     Guangzhou are available. Transportation and communication are extremely convenient.
        Inner Mongolia NO.1 Machinery Plant is a large machinery manufacturing complex-one 
     of the top 500 enterprises in China. It is the largest railway wagon and sucker rod 
     manufacturer in northern China. the Plant covers an area of 120 million square meters, 
     has workers and staff of over 30,000, and possesses 7,080 units of various equipment.

With production practice in forty years, Inner Mongolia No.1 Machinery Plant has accumulated a wealth of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty and complicated machi- -nery and equipment. The plant has a great capability in metallurgy,casting ,forging, machining, pressing, heat treatment, welding and assembling. So far, four products in series production have been formed, which are mainly railway vehicles, petroleum ma- -chinery and equipment, engineering machinery and North-Benz heavy-duty truck. The railway vehicles have been awarded the Quality Product. "Dadi" sucker rods have been the first in China to win API(American Petroleum Institute) certificate. The large ship castings have Lloyd's Certificate. The welding electrodes have won the examination qua- -lification certificate issued by ASE (American Society of Engineers). The plant always pays great attention to the product quality and commercial reputation. Products are best sold at home. and exported to other nations. Under the guidance of "Reform. Development, Plant's and People's Prosperity" policy, Inner Mongolia No.1 Machinery plant sees very broad and bright future in development. The plant welcomes in great sincerity, domestic and foreign guests and customers to pay visit and study to the plant and hold business talks.

To the end of 1994, the plant has already turned out 15100 railway vehicles in total, which were sold to more than 300 enterprises in twenty-mine municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions, and accumulatively manufactured 4338818 sucker rods. Which are used in fourteen oil fields in China North-Benz have been sold to seventeen municipa- -lities, provinces and autonomous regions. Electrics and mechanics are exported to eigh- -teen countries and areas such as America, Canada, Germany, Poland, etc.. The plant has become a market-oriented enterprise, which combines markets both at home and abroad with a variety of products in series.
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