Zhejiang Hermes Group Inc. is a larg000e state-owned bicycle
   manufacturer and enjoys the right to import and export directly. 
   After the founding in 1993, it has sold many thousands of Hermes 
   bicycles to all over the world.
      As one of the 12 largest bicycle factories in China, the company 
   has an annual output of 1,800,000 bicycles. The Hermes has been 
   a household name in the world of cycling, for every year the company 
   introduces a whole range of practical design alteraions and produces 
   durable, safe bicycle. 
      In 1993 Hermes' quality control was rated "A" by the minister
   of Light Industry of China. Hermes, a name that stands for top 
   quality and excellent value for money and so you can be sure of 
   finding a Hermes product with a price to match your budget.
      We will be pleased to provide detailed specifications and
   quotations for individual items in this brochure!
   Add: 875, Jiefang Nanlu, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
   Tel: (0575) 8062300 
   Cable: 2623
   Telex: 37407 ZSG BF CN
   Fax: (0575) 8067667  8311715  
   Postcode: 312000