Harbin Kun Lun Timber Industry Co. Ltd. is founded by the Pauls three brothers
in 1985.
   With the spirit of hard---working and building---up from nothing for 10 years, 
the Pauls three brothers have been developing its productive ability of producing 
a large amount of board furniture, kitchen furniture, solid timber furniture con-
-forming to environmental protection requipments and yearly output may come to 
3000 suits. Simultaneously, the company establlished Mu Danjiang Kun Lun Timber 
Comprehensive Processing Factory Jointly. And cooperating with Mu Danjiang Tong 
Cheng Timber Industry Co., Ltd, the yearly shaving board output reaches to 15000m3. 
And jointly producing 3000m3 middle density board with Fu Jian Yong Au Man---made 
Board Industry Company. The company is a comprehensive timber processing enterprise 
which combines production with sale, and has the highest developing speed.
With the principle of serving the public, the company pays much attention to quality and property. The pauls series furniture has been selled over the country, and the company has set up its own office in Beijing and Shanghai. Based on credit, depended on actual strength, the company pursues development through cooperation, and is willing to work with the other companies of the same trade to beautify Chinese People's furniture.
ADD: NO.52 Zhao Lin Street, Dao Li District, Harbin Tel: 86-451-46171914631084 Fax: 86-451-4684700 P.C.: 150010