Chengdu Rainbow Appliance (Group) Sharers Co. Ltd. (CRAC) is specialized in Household electric appliance which comprises five branch corporations (including two joint ventures) and three branch plants.

Spraying Steam Electric Iron

Art. No. 23102

Electric Blanket

Art. No. 8329

Rainbow series products includes 70 varieties in two categories such as: electric blanket, electric iron, electriothermal shoes, shoes dryer, electric quartz heater, electric icebox, electric mosquitorepellen theater & mat, electric liquids mosquitoxoil incense, traditional herb medicine mosquito coil incense, mosquito killer liquid and various repellent & sprayers, etc.

electriothermal Therapy Pad
Art No. 0121

Electric Mosquito Destroyer
Art. No. 5023

The products, with high quality and reasonable price, win favorable comment both at home and abroad Rainbow series have won more than 80 prizes in various competitions and awards both at home and abroad.

The manufacturing capacity and selling quantity of Rainbow electric Blanket and Electric Mosquito Repellent heater (MAT) rank the first in China. They are approved by the Standard Measure Bureau of 20 cities (such as Guangzhou, ShenZhen, Hangzhou, Dalian etc.) to be sold there without inspection.

CRAC adhere to the creed; Consumer First.

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