Cyclodextrins( CD )
A serial product of the cyclodextrins can be supplied by our manufacturer. Among the cyclodextrin products the main kinds are Beta-cyclodextrin, high Alpha- cyclodextrin, Alpha-cyclodextrin and mixed cyclodextrin. Cyclodextrin is produced by enzymatic action of glucoside transference using starch as a rough material and then forming by the action of the microbe’s enzymes 6-8 glucose molecules so that a chemical compound of cycle structure connected by Alpha-1,4 glucoside chemical bond have been got from them. The steriochemical structure of CD looks like hollow cylinder with both end (the upper one is narrow and the lower one is wide) opened. The highness of the cylinder is 7angstrom and its diameter is 6 -10 angstrom. This cylinder iconicly named as a super microsac or molecule sac. The chemical compound molecule with small cubic measure than hollow part of the cyclodextrin enters into them by physical action and forms hollow compound. But the chemical compound molecule in it still maintains its original chemical property and isolated off the abient sphere. It gives us ability to apply them with its many functions in the industry, agriculture and social life very widely:

In Pharmaceutical Industry:
CD is used for achieving a better stabilization of drugs, for protecting humidity, oxidization and dissolution from light and heat: extending the expiration time of drugs, for improving the solubility and rate of biological utilization, and for avoiding unpleasant odour or taste and for decreasing toxicity side effects.

In Food Industry:
CD is used for a better stabilization of food and rough material in its components, for protecting humidity, oxidizing, for keeping original color , fragrance and taste; for damp-proof an rot-proof; for isolating unpleasant odor and bitter taste, for enhancing emulsification and foamability.

In Operational Chemical Industry:
CD is used as emulsifier, for keeping fragrance agent and keeping color agent to the cosmetics; for enhancing foamability and dividing out stimulation in the tooth paste; for isolating aroma dextrin and spice. It makes them more better and kept for a long time.

In Agrecultury and Agrochemical Industry:
CD is used as a bioreculator and enhancer; for improving and extending activity of agrochemicals against insect pest and plant diseases; for weeding and destroying insects; for reducing ecological pollution.

In Chemical Industry:
CD is used for synthetic glucoside, catalizator, in option of reactives, analysic reagents and so on.

In other Industry
CD is used as metal antirust agent and floatation reagent; for treatment of air and waste water and so on.

The Introduction of Products


Molecular formula: (C6H10O5)7
Molecular weight: 1135
Packing: In hardboard drum lined with PVC bag
Weight net: 25kg/drum
Weight gross: 27.3kg/drum
Technical specification:
Appearance:Solid white crystalline powder, odorless, sweetish.
Moisture: <14%
Ash content: < 0.1%

Molecular formula: (C6H10O5)6
Molecular weight:973
Packing:In hardboard drum lined with PVC bag
Weight net:25kg/drum
Weight gross:27.3kg/drum
Technical specification:
Appearance:Solid white crystalline powder, odorless, sweetish.
Moisture: <14%
Ash content: < 0.1%

This product consist in main of Alpha-cyclodextrin mixed like cyclodextrin in content of which are Beta, Gamma- cyclodextrin. These three cycloforms’s dextrins Alpha, Beta, Gamma have such percent proportions as 61:32:7

The main property: White dried powder by spraying process or condensed uncolored syrup size.
Packing: In hardboard drum lined with PVC bag for solid powder, in PVC drum for condensed syrup size.
Weight net: 20kg/drum for powder product and 25kg/drum for condensed syrup size

Technical specification:
Appearance: Powder Liquid
Main property: white Uncolored or yellowish
Main cyclodextrin: 50± 5% 25± 2.5%
Alpha-CD: 30± 4% 15± 2%
Beta-CD: 15± 3% 7.5± 1.5%
Gamma- CD: 5± 2% 2.5± 1%
Moisture: <7% <50%
Ash content: 0.5% 0.5%

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