Shoes Machinery Manufactory



It is their unremitting aim to provide customers with high quality products.
We have 4,000 sets of various type shoe machines available, such as XCLB2-8, XCLB2-18 hydraulic swing bean cutting press; XCLL2-25 hydraulic traveling head cutting press; XJ1D3-400 upper skiving machine; and GSB series of shoe machinery products......

 Series Hydraul IC Swing Beam Cutting Press
 Hydraulic Swing Beam Cutting Press
 Hydraulic Swing Beam Cutting Press
 Hydraulic Travelling Head Cutting Press
 Hydraulic Travelling Head Cutting Press ( Double Cylinders )
 Hydraulic Travelling Head Cutting Press
 Hydraulic Plane Cutting Press
 Travelling Head Cutting
 Upper Skiving Machine With Dust Collector
 Upper Skiving Machine
  Skiving Machine
 Splitting Machine
 Bandknife Splitting Machine
 Trimming Machine With One-Working Side 
 Trimming Machine With Two-Working Sides
 Gritting Outsole Machine
 Edce Crinding Machine With Dust Collector
 Moulding Oven
 Moulding Machine With Heating Air
 Insole Moulding Machine
 Walled Sole Attaching Press
 High Speed Attaching Machine
 Hot Stamping Machine
 Side Wall Marking Machine
 Hydraulic Last Pulling
 Heel Nailing Machine
 Insole Fitting Machine
 Mackay Stitcher Machine
 Outsole Stitcher
 Auto-Humid Vamp Heating Machine
 Series Vertical Oven With Far Infrared Ray Heating System
 Series Shoe-Up Making Transporter 
 Series Cold-Sticking Moulding Production Line
 Series Shoe-Bottom Fitting Transporter
 Openning Shoe-Bottom Fitting Transporter
 Box Folding Machine

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