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Zirconia Ceramic Watch Parts

Under the inspiration of RADO, many watch factories are developing advanced products all over the world, especially renewing watch appearances. Zirconia ceramic watch parts are made of zirconia ceramic material with advanced technology. Well matched colors appear exquisite and elegant. We are producing a series of zirconia ceramic watch parts. We can supply top-quality watch cases, watch hands and watch rings in various shapes, dimensions and colors.
Harder than stainless steel, nearly as hard as diamond.
Lighter than metal.
Non-allergic to skin
Scrape resistant
Fading resistant
Abrasion resistant

Please contact us for more information. Customer designs are welcome

Price of some Watch Parts:
Hand Pieces, men19x6.3x2.6 UD$0.99 5,000pieces
17x6.3x2.6 UD$0.97 5,000pieces
Hand Pieces, Ladies12x5.5x2.5 UD$0.955,000pieces
9.9x5.5x2.5 UD$0.93 5,000pieces
Watch Rings,men32.4x25US$5.80smooth
Watch Rings, Ladies24.5x19US$5.50smooth



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